I want you back

“I Want You Back” is inspired by English boogie rock. It could be described as "Foghat" meets “BTO”. Perhaps even “Mountain” with the simplicity of early 70's “KISS”. Lyrically, the song reflects the themes you would expect to see in traditional blues. It follows the melancholy misery of an individual who wants his muse ex-partner back in order to regain his musical inspiration.

The music video was the first to be released in the series. The aim was to keep the video incredibly simple and straightforward. It is visually Sunkissed and dirty- a homage to sloppy 70s grindhouse. It is purposefully incredibly odd and strange to reflect the mixed emotions described within the song lyrics.

the last train

“The Last Train” explores a melancholy young guy who is deeply fatigued of the city he lives in. We see an insight into his dreams of starting a new life without the plague of misery and pain.

The music video captures the groove from the 60s psychedelic rock era complete with typical hypnotic and colorful drug-influenced backgrounds. It is the last track on the album. The track begins with heavy purposeful drums quickly followed by themes of classic rock and a blues groove. Heavy and advanced guitar riffs flow throughout the piece quite often in the style of Led Zeppelin.

six feet under

“Six Feet Under” is inspired by 60s psychedelic rock and heavy blues rock. It follows the same groove originally founded by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Mountain. The blues in this track also has inspiration from themes of darkness and evil.

This was the third single released by Traci Trexx Midnite Blues. It was also released with a stand alone video which was also inspired by the psychedelic style of the 1960s. The colours and patterns used in the video are symbolic of the era and aim to immerse the viewer in the style of the time.