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Anna Skoglund

Bass Guitar


Guitar and Vocals



About Us

Traci Trexx Midite blues is a Swedish hard rock band bringing the classic and psychedelic sounds of traditional Rock’n’Roll to a modern 21st Century audience.

The rock trio originally began as a solo project instigated by Traci Trexx and his sister, Anna Skoglund (both previously of Vanity BLVD). Drummer Tommy Viklund later joined forces with the siblings to create the up-and-coming line up we recognise as Traci Trexx Midnite Blues. The collaboration exceeded all expectations and soon after writing and their first singles “I want you back”, “The Last Train” and “Six Feet Under”, they teamed up with master producer Jonas Kjellgren in his infamous studio The Black Lounge (previously utilised by Iron Master; Roadhouse Diet; Raubtier; Sky High; Sabaton; Sonic Syndicate and Lineman from Ramstein) to record their first full-length debut album - “Blood, Death and Tequila”.

" Produced by Jonas Kjellgren, ”Blood, Death & Tequila” delivers a very cool mix of classic bluesy hard rock, arena rock and southern in a new fresh modern way "- 0DAYrox news

“Blood, Death and Tequila” explores a range of classic sounds synonymous with the movements of the 60’s and 70’s. Inspired predominately by the music legends KISS; Led Zeppelin; and Mountain, the album is a collection of sounds spanning a range of rock genres. Trexx masterfully weaves the bluesy tones of the South with melodic bounce of Boogie and unmistakably Hard Rock riffs, creating contrasting (yet complimentary) tracks that salute all forefathers of Rock. The album consists of 8 tracks purposely designed to replicate the “A Side, B Side” energy only usually achieved on vinyl. However, to suit the modern listeners, the tracks were also created to play equally well in track order and in shuffle mode - jukebox style.

" What gives the songs a little extra spice is precisely the slightly bluesy feeling and Southern feeling that the band strives for. "- rockbladet

During the pandemic the band were able to produce cinematic music videos and cover artwork for each of their singles. The videos were creatively influenced by gritty 60s/70’s grindhouse movies and classic rock videos whilst the artwork simultaneously remains reminiscent of the era. Quentin Tarentino perhaps deserves the most credit, with prominent nods to his masterpieces “From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)” and “Machete(2010)”. Inspiration was also drawn from cult classic movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)”. The dry, dark humour and the psychedelic elements reminiscent of the 60’s music scene proves to be the perfect fit for the band and the music they create.

" their videos and album covers are strongly inspired by the seventies and Tarantino's Grindhouse movies "- rockbladet