Blood, death and tequila

A modern take on a variety of classic rock movements

“Blood, Death and Tequila” is a modern take on a variety of classic rock movements, focusing heavily on guitar driven music. The debut album is a sneaky post-concept album that is deeply inspired by the visual artistry of Quentin Tarantino’s 70’s grindhouse style movies. The atmosphere and darkness portrayed throughout the film trilogy “From Dusk Till Dawn” has been expertly translated into a classic rock album by Traci Trexx Midnite Blues. They have also drawn on a variety of television and cinematic sources such as TV series “American Horror Story” and John Carpenter’s “Vampires” to create a collection of music thoroughly based in the (fictional) deep, dark, vampire infested deserts of Vegas.

With one guitar on the right speaker and another on the left, it's clear to see the influence of classic rock. The album takes inspiration from the simplicity of early 70’s “KISS” recordings and blends it perfectly with raw, bluesy energy taken from the late 60’s/70’s. Hints of the 80’s hard rock scene are also delicately scattered throughout the album, giving a gentle nod towards influences including Led Zeppelin. The band are continuously influenced by "Lenny Kravits" and his “Are You Gonna Go My Way” studio album, which was recorded on The Beatles’ mixer table used in the production of “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”.

“Blood, Death and Tequila” is clever, witty and has an undertone of dry humor. You can expect to feel the grip of raw-dirty blues whilst experiencing the wild world of classic rock. It blends Southern Rock/Texas Blues with English boogie and classic rock producing a psychedelic, cinematic masterpiece in a way that only Traci Trexx Midnite Blues can.

"trexx weaponises classic guitars, creating perfectly vintage tones across the album"...

On every album track the producer has worked with a range of impressive equipment to reproduce a deep vintage retro sound. Each track is layered with sounds created using vintage original 60s Vox Wha-Wha and Jimi Hendrix Fuzz pedals, all played through original 70s Marshall Amplifiers. Modern retro pedals were also used to replicate the gritty guitar growl synonymous with classic rock.

Vintage inspired instruments feature heavily in “Blood, Death and Tequila”. Trexx weaponises classic guitars (Gibson Es-335, Gibson Les Paul 50’s P90 Gold Top, rare Gibson Goldtop 57, Gibson Les Paul 58) to achieve a perfectly vintage tone across the entirety of the album. Tommy utilises his Limited Edition Marshall Natal drums to reproduce the unmistakable sound of rock’n’roll. He masterfully weaves the blues with classic rock to create a trance-like groove used consistently through the album.

Traci Trexx Midnite Blues have created a sound that is far removed from the ‘trendy image’ of modern music. Instead, they invite us on a hypnotic, hallucinogenic and groovy journey back to the true sound of the 70’s - well and truly bringing the era of classic rock back into the 21st century.

"the band credit quentin tarantino as their key influence for their cinematic music videos "

The band produced a number of music videos for tracks featured on the album “Blood, Death and Tequila”. For each video they took inspiration from classic vintage music videos to draw on the same spirit felt in sleazy 70s grindhouse movies. Quentin Tarantino is also a key influence throughout the production of the videos. Tarantino’s masterpieces “From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)" and "Machete (2010)" prove to have had great influence on the band. Inspiration was also taken from cult classic movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)”. The dry, dark humor and the psychedelic elements reminiscent of the 60’s music scene proved the perfect fit for the band and the music they create.

1960s psychedelic rock is heavily featured in the music video for their song "Six Feet Under". Back in the 60’s, this new genre emerged in conjunction with folk rock and blues rock bands in the United Kingdom and the United States. Examples of such include; Grateful Dead; Jefferson Airplane; The Jimi Hendrix Experience; Cream; The Doors and Pink Floyd. All of these have had a consistent influence on the band both musically and visually. This influence is easily recognizable through sound and video production of Traci Trexx and the Midnite Blues. Similarly, all single (and album) covers used on the streaming service “Spotify” are very clearly influenced from the designs of original singles covers from the 60s & 70s.

The new album is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple music and amazon music.

All of the band's music videos are also available on the Traci Trexx Midnite Blues YouTube Channel.

Track list

-blood, death and tequila-

"Blood, Death and Tequila" is a journey inspired by Tarantino's “From Dusk Till Dawn” trilogy. This song is the most open tempo track on the album - energetic and almost catatonic in style. It follows traditional sleazy blues but hits with a hard rock undertone and just a touch of southern rock influence. The track mimics Aerosmith’s energetic energy and combines it with a spooky subconscious vampirish touch.

The music video contains elements from classic 70's grindhouse effects, tributing Tarantino. Strong themes of fictional vampires and dusty desert environments are used throughout the music video for this track. It captures the dirty raw feeling of a roundhouse movie complete with sweets and popcorn at night. Above all, the aim was to create a music video so different in comparison to modern music videos. It marries the character of an old movie with the personality of a classic MTV music video. Expect dark humor, melancholy emotion whilst driving long distances through a moonlit desert complete with spooky vampire hunts.

-Let's move-

“Let's Move” is swinging and groovy in nature. Funky Soul and R&B elements embellish this stylish song. It draws on inspiration from “Blues Brothers” and celeverly blends this with the “Black Crowes” signature style groove.

-i want you back-

“I Want You Back” is inspired by English boogie rock. It could be described as "Foghat" meets “BTO”. Perhaps even “Mountain” with the simplicity of early 70's “KISS”. Lyrically, the song reflects the themes you would expect to see in traditional blues. It follows the melancholy misery of an individual who wants his muse ex-partner back in order to regain his musical inspiration.

The music video was the first to be released in the series. The aim was to keep the video incredibly simple and straightforward. It is visually Sunkissed and dirty- a homage to sloppy 70s grindhouse. It is purposefully incredibly odd and strange to reflect the mixed emotions described within the song lyrics.

-fresh new sin-

“Fresh New Sin '' is a typical 70s hard rock meets bluesy-southern rock number. It explores the story of an evil baptism in church with the boogie man in a classic blues tale of mystic “Robert Johnson'' selling his soul to the devil. The piece is thick with fuzz guitars with an underlying afterthought influenced by “Foghat’s” rhythmic guitar riffs.

-Road danger-

“Road Danger” is a tribute to the early 80's southern rock era with trucks and heavy trucks. It is written from a hitman’s perspective with recollections of car chases. The track was inspired by Spielberg’s “The Duel (1971)”.

-six feet under-

“Six Feet Under” is inspired by 60s psychedelic rock and heavy blues rock. It follows the same groove originally founded by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Mountain. The blues in this track also inspires themes of darkness and evil.

-rock this town-

“Rock This Town” is a boogie rock tune. It boasts rough riffs and explores themes of gang fights and taking the law into your own hands in true classic rock n roll style.

-the last train-

“The Last Train” explores a melancholy young guy who is deeply fatigued of the city he lives in. We see an insight into his dreams of starting a new life without the plague of misery and pain. The music video captures the groove from the 60s psychedelic rock era complete with typical hypnotic and colorful drug-influenced backgrounds. It is the last track on the album. The track begins with heavy purposeful drums quickly followed by themes of classic rock and a blues groove. Heavy and advanced guitar riffs flow throughout the piece quite often in the style of Led Zeppelin.